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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Learning About Cancer Diagnosis(leukemia chemotherapy)

leukemia chemotherapy

After the symptoms are clarified and cancer is detected, many tests and dignosis are done to ascertain the level of spread and the stage.This will be detremental to the method of treatment to prevent its spread. The treatment starts with the general check up and then on the advise of the medical practitioner, you will have to undergo tests ranging from blood tests to surgery.

Tests conducted on the blood and urine samples may be able to give etails on the condition of the patient.In luekemia blood tests define the extent of spread of the diesase by reporting the low platelet counts and low red blood corposilsa and white blood corposils .Marker levels of the tumors may vary on the extent of growth of varying cancers.These laboratry tests are the beginning of investigations of cancer.

The next step is pinpointing the location and size of the current tumor. Various technological advancements have given the advantage to view the body from inside thrugh differnt machines.
Now, before starting treatments, doctors are aware of everything about the tumor- size, location which makes tratment much easier than before.During the process of eliminating the cancer cells the healthy cells are not destroyed.faster and accurate technology is availed by cancer patients so their recovery is less painful and easier.there are various ways of imaging available in today's hospitals that help the doctor to treat you better.

X rays used to be the most common vay of seeing the bones and growths on them.However, typical xrays are outdated now.They have been replaced by CT scans, MRIs , radionuclide scanning , Ultrasonography.Xray's have been computerised and called CT scans.MRI or Magnetic resonence imaging seems o be the most popular way of scanning. Magnetic rays encapsule the body ,read by the connected computer to take a series of pictures of the detailed area.It shows intricate detailing of the cancerous cells and other healthy tissues.

In the radionuclide scanning the patient either swallows a radioactive dye or is injected with it depending on the area to be scanned. The connected scanner computerised machine, measures the level of radioactivity in different organs. The growth or tumor areas are highlighted, making detection easier.After the test is over, radioactive substances are absolved by the body.

Ultrasonography is also simple and effective ways to view inside the body without any invasive technique. High frequency sound waves hit the body and bounce back to give an image of the inside organs. The bounced back sound waves produce an echo that forms the picture of the normal and cancerous growth. These entire computer aided scan are viewed on the screen and later printed on the paper for making reports.

Looking at the scan, ascertain the exact position of the tumor growth and then a biopsy is conducted. The removal of tissue samples from the patient's body to be sent for laboratory testing for cancer by an oncological pathologist is known as Biopsy.

Biopsy is generally conducted through Endoscopy, fine needle test and surgical removal of tissue sample. Endoscopy is when a small camera attached through the tube is put in the body for taking pictures, removal of sample tissue for testing. The fine needle test is done by inserting a long needle into the growth area for sample tests. The surgical biopsy is done when the whole tumor is removed and sent for testing or a portion of the tumor is removed to be sent for biopsy.

After doing these tests, the oncologist is able to make out the extent of spread of cancer in the body. They can also make out whether the cancer is in the beginning stage or advanced. These diagnostic kits have been of a great help to prevent many more deaths by cancer. Early detection of all cancers is the first step to its cure.

leukemia chemotherapy


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leukemia chemotherapy: Learning About Cancer Diagnosis(leukemia chemotherapy)