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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Effective Leukemia Treatment(leukemia chemotherapy)

leukemia chemotherapy

Leukemia leads to a reduction of white blood cells in the body system. Leukemia can thus be treated by way of ensuring that the body increases the White blood cells count. Leukemia can also be treated just by use of the same methods as used to treat cancer.

Chemotherapy is one such way, though this may take too much time. In fact, treatment using this method can take a period of not less than two years. Another way of treating the condition is by fixing the bone marrow problem. This method is expensive and is done in very few countries since it involves use of sophisticated instruments and highly experienced medics.

Replacement of the infected bone marrow with a healthy one is what it entails. A radiation therapy is also recommended though this has to go hand in hand with chemotherapy. Radiation entails giving doses of x-ray for a couple of months.

In cases where there is overproduction of White blood cells, there may be some blood infections. This may lead to blood disorders, and hence become necessary to use antibiotics to fight the problem.

If leukemia is at early stages, one can prolong survival with active immunotherapy. This is however still being experimented, as it is reported by Leukemia Society of America. Leukemia is actually a chronic problem and its treatment is not a matter of a short duration of time. Patience is thus of paramount importance. Cases of complete eradication using the above mentioned methods have been reported worldwide.

leukemia chemotherapy


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leukemia chemotherapy: Effective Leukemia Treatment(leukemia chemotherapy)